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Using a PC which is older than 4 years costs SMEs an estimated Rs 93,500 per year in terms of cost of maintenance, repair... Modern PCs Offers Improved Workplace Productivity, Secure Computing : Experience, Saves IT Time & Money Driving Better Business Results

Using a PC which is older than 4 years costs SMEs an estimated Rs 93,500 per year in terms of cost of maintenance, repair and lost productivity
Vijayawada, May 2nd: Small and medium sized firms, SMEs, contribute significantly to economic growth and job creation. Personal Computers, PCs, and the Internet are serving as productivity drivers for SMEs, SMEs rely on them for completing work that ranges from book-keeping and emailing to digital transactions. However, a recent survey commissioned by Microsoft and Intel has found that over 30% SMEs in India are using PCs that are older than four years. Using a PC which is more than 4 years old costs SMEs
Rs 93,500 a year, in terms of cost of repair, maintenance and lost productivity, the survey has estimated. The cost of using an older PC is equivalent to cost of multiple new PCs, as technological advancements have made new PCs more powerful and less expensive.

Farhana Haque, Group Director – Devices, Microsoft India states,

New PCs with a newer operating system, Windows 10, enable some of the key business and IT functions for SMEs, such as the following:
• Higher productivity: Windows 10 provides an intuitive user experience, with built-in tools and features that help people collaborate and work efficiently. New PCs enable 2.1x faster multi-tasking than a PC that is 4 years old, improving employee productivity.
• Intelligent security: Using older PCs increases the chances of data breach. Windows 10 provides advanced security which proactively protects SMEs against hacks and cyber-attacks.
• Simplified deployment: Windows 10 provides simplified IT deployment and updates, as well as control over update deployments. Furthermore, Windows 7 applications can be seamlessly moved to Windows 10.
• Flexible management: Windows 10 provides seamless and better integration with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).
Farhana Haque, Group Director – Devices, Microsoft India states, “SMEs play an important role in employment generation and economic growth in local communities. Microsoft is committed to helping SMEs with the right set of tools and technologies to drive their operational efficiency and business growth. In addition, SMEs are looking at the options for digitizing their businesses, and we are working with our partner ecosystem, which includes HP, Dell, Lenovo and Acer among others, to bring to SMEs PCs across price points that cater to their business and operational needs. With Windows 10, we are ensuring that the businesses and their employees get the latest technology that also seamlessly supports the business applications they are currently using.”
The survey has also found that key barriers among SMEs in migrating to new devices were concerns of legacy applications not being able to work on a newer operating system, and lack of budgets. SME owners tend to focus often on short term costs, which in most cases is right, but at times it can lead to situations that cost more. The choice between using older PCs and replacing them with newer PCs is one such area. The cost of maintaining older PCs affects the budget more than purchasing new PCs with latest technology.
In India, more than 61% of PCs used in SMEs are still on older versions of Windows today, according to the survey. Upgrading to a Windows 10 modern device will offer experiences that are more safe, secure, productive and familiar.

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