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  Muzaffar nagar –  In order to maintain peace and harmony in the country, all the responsible people of the city were called in... Social institutions coming forward to give message of peace “My Country My Responsibility”


Muzaffar nagar –  In order to maintain peace and harmony in the country, all the responsible people of the city were called in a program called “My Country My Responsibility” in the region’s hotel by the Aawaz-e-haq, Muzaffarnagar’s social organization, and discussed the current situation.People were appealed to the youth that they should not take any steps in such a hasty way that the happiness and peace of the country and the city should be cracked. Uran about social media went also discussed, the program went chaired by industrialist somansh prkash , and poet Mohammed Ahmed jointly. And Operating Master Altaf Mashel. During this time, as the chief guest, Amir Azam Advocate, Satnam Singh, and Zafarab Khan, Master Hidayatullah, were there. During this, Shadab Khan said that if the coming generations have to give dear Hindustaan then this platform The message of brotherhood will be given because the walls of hatred can not progress. Brotherhood is a way that can promote the country. That’s why my country will have to come forward with my responsibility.



At the same time, Samajwadi Party’s Deputy District Vice-President Asad Pasha said that society needs today’s people who want to work for the elimination of the evils of the society, rising above the spirit of Hindu Muslims, and for the affections of such people, the public also It should come forward because love and affection in society will continue, only then will our future generations be able to grow. In the meantime, the President and members of the Social Welfare and Social Institutions of Muzaffar Nagar were present, mainly in the presence of President of the effort, Samarth Prakash, Asad Farooqi Pagam A humanity president Asif Rahi, Secular Front convener Gohar Siddiqui, Hind Welfare Society President Sajid Khan, Lights Welfare Association President Dr. Ershad Samrat, Humanity Welfare Societies President Shahvez Ansari, Khaadai Khidmatgar, Qamar Intikhab, Shahnawaz from Muttahida Mahaj, Tahsin Al Khan, Vice President of Urdu Translator, Master Nazar, Alim Siddiqui, Sartaj Raja, Yusuf Khan, Arif Khan, Aijaz Ahmed, Imran Khan, Doctor Talib Ghaur etc. Be present And everyone gave a message of brotherhood through their thoughts, motivated the youth to work together for the benefit of the country, during this time, Vice-President of Awaj A Haq, Haji Nisar should consider the ongoing environment in the country and make the youth work together Delivered the message of Meanwhile, Secular Front President Gohar Siddiqui and President of Pegam A Humshahi, Hanzi Asif Rahi also gave a hug from Haji Wasim Shobi Khan, Arshad Siddiqui, Mahendra Singh, Sharad Sharma, Rahul, Sartaj Khan, Kamar Alam etc. .

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